Fëanor/Fingolfin : The feud in Mithrim

[Version française ici] Quite a long time ago (a year ago maybe ?) someone sent me this question on Tumblr : "What do you think would have happened if Fingolfin had arrived un Hithlum and found his brother still living?" This user was talking about The Silmarillion, when the Exiled Ñoldor return to Middle-earth, after Fëanor’s death … Lire la suite Fëanor/Fingolfin : The feud in Mithrim

The corruption of Sauron – Timeline(s)

[Version française ici] We all know that Sauron was not evil in the beginning ; he was a Maia, created before Arda itself, and was involved in its creation first during the Music of the Ainur, and then during the Shaping of Arda. But we also know that he was corrupted by Melkor at one … Lire la suite The corruption of Sauron – Timeline(s)