Happy Halloween !

Je vous retrouve à 16h sur ma chaîne Twitch pour célébrer Halloween en parlant des créatures des ténèbres en Terre du Milieu ! I'll see you on my Twitch channel this afternoon at 4 pm (CET) to celebrate Halloween with a talk about the creatures of the Dark in Middle earth !

Happy Hobbit Day!

Today is Bilbo and Frodo's birthday and I'll be celebrating this very special event on my Twitch channel, starting around 6.30 pm (CEST). Feel free to join whenever you want for a drink and a few laughs, I'll be speaking both French and English and there will be a few surprises! Aujourd'hui nous fêtons l'anniversaire … Lire la suite Happy Hobbit Day!

Streamlore : Art & Valar

Next Sunday, there will be a special livestream, on my Twitch channel, about Tolkien's lore, more precisely about the Valar... But not only, since we'll also discuss art, illustrations and imagination.Anyone can attend, and although I'll be mostly speaking in French, if I see English-speaking persons in the chat, I'll regularly switch to English.https://www.twitch.tv/lithenna-Je vous … Lire la suite Streamlore : Art & Valar