Orcs and free will in Arda (Part II)

[Version française ici] {This post must be read more like a global meditation on this complex matter than like a demonstration based on some irrevocable stand of mine} This is supposed to continue the exploration of the topic at stake in this previous post, and to complete it with an attempt at answering the following question … Lire la suite Orcs and free will in Arda (Part II)

Free will in Arda (Part I)

[Version française ici] Do they Elves in Arda have free will? Or are they inevitably destined to serve the Light, just like the Orcs who are the eternal slaves of Darkness? This question was submitted to me a few months ago, but back then, I only partially and privately answered, and I'll try here to … Lire la suite Free will in Arda (Part I)